Get Off My Queen

by Bib-bi

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released August 15, 2012

Rob Clagett - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Whelden - Drums, Vocals
Alex Kent - Bass
Sam Berenstain - Guitar

Mixed & mastered by Matt Abraham.
All songs recorded in Harrisonburg, VA
Album Art... soon



all rights reserved


Bib-bi Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: SyncHole
You've got such ordinary friends
You've got some money for to spend dear
Have you eliminated one
You saw a fraction of the sum

Is there not something you could say
Is there not someone for to blame here
Princess I swear you're no Queen Bitch
Just a dirty clever barmaid witch
Track Name: Devil
Turn the lights down low make your face up pretty
Canvas all around for an unnamed city
Talk with tongue in cheek ain't that all you know
Speak of where we've come and gone and yet to go

Devil don't cry I know you're not well
I'll fix some drinks you'll unleash hell
I'm your punching bag I'll get over it
You're my bank account and I won't forget it
Burn everything and I'll feel like shit
Track Name: Honeycomb
You say let's call in sick this time
We've got some pillows start a fight
So I'll do my little dance
We've found pollen in this scent
But it's for the queen

She says let's keep it for ourselves
Why do we work for someone else
What is this treason I scream
Let's have no more of your schemes
'Cause it's for my queen
Track Name: Arizona
Take me back to Arizona
I want love without a price
We'll do things so unheard of
We'll have to tell it to them twice

Give me that desert wasteland
A chasm wide a mile deep
A river flowing so swiftly through it
Drops here and there that are so steep
The Colorado

Track Name: Turtle
Could I could you be happy in this
Little zoo oh who are you yeah who are you
How can it be we'll be married with these
Changing leaves causing a scene how can it be

But things go wrong they don't stay right
It's only natural it's alright
So we fight night after night
Things get colder we're drunk but we're older
And now you see
It ain't easy without me

But now we're done you don't miss me and you've
Found someone but now you see that I'm your sea
Ya now you see that you miss me but it's
Too late baby 'cause now I'm free I got off my knees
Track Name: Smoke Signals
You say it's time to air it out
What's there to talk about
Smoke signals back and forth
Wonder what that gun is for

Feathering and fluttering
Curses sung to next of kin
Take me back just let me in
At least some shelter to begin with
Track Name: Lowblow
It's the way you think about things
Handwriting's neat your face is clean
Lips are pursed what are you holding back
Odds are stacked what would you care about that

I bet this was a long time coming
Every time it was just fucking
Treasure hunting no "X" on this map
How long will these new shades last
Track Name: Neil Young
Turn it 'round and 'round your voice get's higher
Take your clothes off my back start a fire
You're swinging limb from limb in trees
A side ain't good enough for me
I've already too many things to be

Now I see your black eyes turning red
I'd better leave a couple things unsaid
You see I've gotta go but before I do
I'd like to hear a word or two
Who is it that I am to you

What's that sound now in the back
You're alone now there's no coming back

So is it really better to burn than fade
Or did you say it to make us all insane
Did you really hate them worse than lepers
Did you kill them in their cars
Did you really take it that far
Did you

What's that sound now in the back
You're alone now there's no coming back
Is it different do you think
'Cause I think there's something living in the sink
Track Name: Cunningham
You drank to much beer morning birds chirp and cheer
Let's go make conversation and coffee
He or she so and so this or that I don't know
After all we'll say life's not a movie

Do not jump you'll get hurt empty chairs above earth
Don't know you but there's some place I'm headed
So we'll smile and wave make small talk till the grave
You don't know what more could be offered

You don't know