by Bib-bi



released November 23, 2011

Mixed & Mastered by Phil Kim



all rights reserved


Bib-bi Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Turtle
Could I could you be happy in this
Little zoo who are you yeah who are you
How can it be we'll be married with these
Changing leaves causing a scene how can it be

Things go wrong they don't stay right
It's only natural it's alright so we fight
Night after night
Things get colder we're drunk but we're older
And now you see it ain't easy
Without me

Now we're done you don't miss me and you've
Found someone but now you see that I'm your sea
Ya now you see that you miss me but it's
Too late baby 'cause now I'm free, I got off my knees
Track Name: Smoke Signals
You say it's time to air it out
What's there to talk about
Smoke signals back and forth
I wonder what that gun is for

Feathering and fluttering
Curses sung to next of kin
Take me back just let me in
At least some shelter to begin with
Track Name: Gameshow
Kite flying in the trees
Other fields for other kites
How's it feel when it tugs and it's
Bouncing back and forth back and forth

Would you stay here forsake bright lit streets
If I asked you not to leave
If I told you how I feel this

Stop whining just let go
Quit crying it's what you hoped
'Cause I've had enough and
Where's that damn remote
Ya I've had enough this game show's spinning
Out of control
Track Name: Devil
Turn the lights down low make your face up pretty
Canvas all around for an unknown city
Talk with tongue in cheek ain't that all you know
Speak of where we've come and gone and yet to go

Devil don't cry I know you're not well
I'll fix some drinks you'll unleash hell
I'm your punching bag
I'll get over this
You're my bank account
And I won't forget it
Burn everything so I'll feel like shit
Track Name: Honeycomb
You say let's call in sick this time
We've got some pillows start a fight
So I'll do my little dance
We've found pollen in this scent
But it's for the queen for the queen
It's for the queen for the queen

She says let's keep it for ourselves
Why do we work for someone else
What is this treason I scream
Let's have no more of your schemes
'Cause it's for my queen for my queen
It's for my queen for my queen

Just take me home
My honeycomb